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M.P. Udyog, Majhaulia, West Champaran, Bihar. was incorporated in the year 1932 and was converted into a public company in 1973. The company established its sugar unit at Majhaulia, Disthict of West Champaran, Bihar in the year 1933.

Jayshree Tea has acquired 100% stake in M.P.Chini Industhies Ltd. having a sugar factory at Majhaulia in Bihar with a capacity of 4600 TCD, which is being enhanced to 5500 TCD. The factory has co-generation facility of 6 MW and its own sugarcane plantation of around 1000 acres. This is one of the best maintained factories in the State of Bihar and will enable the company to leverage its experience and expertise in managing agro based industhies.

Majhaulia is within 5 km from nearest National Highway. It is a Railway Station on North Eastern Railways and is within 1 m from the factory. The state capital, Patna is 230 km from the factory whereas the nearest big town is Bettiah at about 18 km.

The sugar unit at Majhaulia is conveniently located with respect to availability of the raw materials (sugar cane), water, electhicity, skilled, unskilled and professional manpower. It is located at one of the best cane growing areas of Bihar and receives adequate supply of cane.

The factory is surrounded by Rivers like Gandak, Sikhrana and Kohra. The area of West Champaran is 4355 sq.km. with an estimated population of 27.79 lakh. The density of population is 628 men per sq.km. Workers account for about 40 % of the population and 30 % of the main workers are engaged in agriculture and allied activities.

The climate of the disthict is generally dry. During summer the temperature varies from 38 C. to 40 C. The annual rainfall varies from 1400 mm to 1500 m.m. Our area of operation is a rain sufficiency zone.

The adjoining sugar factories within range of 50 kms. are Sugauli at 13 km., Chanpatia – 25 km., Lauriya- 40 km., Motihari 45 km. and Narkatiaganj 48 km. We append below the figures of cane crushed, recovery % with an average crushing for the last few years.

Season Cane crushed in lac qtls. Gross days Recovery % Av. Crush on gross days Av.crush on available day

The operational area of plant has potential to provide more than 60 lac tons of sugarcane and the same is conducted from the total cane crushed by entire during the earlier season at the capacity of 3500 TCD. In view of it, the factory management has decided to expand and upgrade its performance and modernize the plant to make best use of the availability of raw material to improve profitability of the plant.